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1st to 4th Grade Summer Study

Join us this June as we explore the Scriptures through Art! This 6 week study uses the Bible as a framework and the arts as a medium. Each week will have a different Scripture focus and a various art medium emphasis to help children learn the passage. 

– With clay and a little imagine, we can mold a great many things. Kids will learn that God created the universe and everything in it in just 6 days. Genesis 1:1-27, Creation

Finger Painting – Finger painting gets really messy, but that’s half the fun in creating wonderful art work. Kids will learn that when we let God into our “messy” situations, he will turn them into something wonderful. Daniel 6:10-23, Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Popsicle Stick Art – You can build lots of interesting projects with popsicle sticks. Kids will learn that if we want to go far, we need to build our lives on the foundation of Jesus. Matthew 7:24-27, The Wise and Foolish Builders

Coloring – When we color, most of us try to stay inside the line. Kids will learn that Jesus didn’t always “stay in the lines” of what people expected of Him.
Matthew 12:1-14, Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Collage – In collage, we take pictures and words from different places and put them together in a new and interesting way. Kids will learn that although each of us is different, Jesus has put us together as one in the body of Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12-18, The Body of Christ

Paper Folding – With some creativity, even something as simple as a piece of paper can be turned into something amazing. Kids will learn when we trust God, even the simplest things – like a rock and a sling – can be used to do big things.
1 Samuel 17:32-50, David and Goliath


Volunteer to sub in your child’s class ONE time this semester IF needed.

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Upcoming CHildren's Ministries Calendar Dates.

June 23rd - Children's Ministries July - December 2018 Team Training

July 1st - 5th grade Graduation Luncheon ( Youth Room, 12:30pm)

July 1st - Church Wide Prayer Focus - Children's Ministry (6pm) 

August 12th - Family Discipleship Seminar (4pm until 6pm) 


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