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Mark Liederbach

Mark Liederbach


Although I was raised in a religious home, I do not recall ever hearing a clear presentation of the message of salvation until I was 12 years old. Christianity was ritual-based, and I was more interested in sneaking out of church to get a donut in the fellowship hall than I was attending services. However, in 1975 I attended a Christian Summer camp where I first heard it simply explained that:

a. God created me to know him,

b. my sin cause a break in my relationship with God,

c. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for the penalty of sin in my place and rose from the dead on Easter morning to show that he conquered death and its penalty.

d. That by asking God to forgive me and placing my faith in Jesus Christ as the one who could save me from my sin I could be rightly related to God again all the days of my life and into eternity.

Based on God’s grace to rescue me from my sin, my life has been given meaning and purpose. While I have too many remaining pockets of deep and ugly sin, it is my chief desire to be a man whose life is given to become like Christ and following the mission of Christ to see all of creation restored to the purposes for which He created the world.