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Trent Anthony

Trent Anthony


Nearly my whole family lives in Staunton, VA, but I got happily "stuck" here after graduating with an MA from Southeastern in 2010. My hobbies include making friends, making art, drinking coffee, loving food (anything really, but Italian and chocolate things tend to be faves), singing in practically everyone's wedding, reading fantasy fiction, watching movies with my homies, and, as my late grandfather would say, "enjoying."

I have been a follower of Christ since I was 8 years old. But, like the old Gaither song, I will gladly admit that "He's still workin' on me, to make me what I ought to be." While I am still trying to kick a lifelong pasta habit, in general I am much more joyful, more humble, kinder, more patient, and less of a pain when my heart is most focused on God's love for me and serving other people out of his abundant love, grace and mercy.