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North Wake Church


Please remember to change your address, email or phone number when it changes.  Below are the instructions on how to get into your account or set up your account.  Thank you.


North Wake Members - Sign up for an account so that you can:

  • Sign up to Serve at North Wake
  • Give Online
  • Join The Church Directory
  • Keep Your Contact Information Up-To-Date

Step 1) Please follow this link to to create your Account. Make sure you check the box opting you in to the directory on the privacy settings page.

Step 2) Add a photo of just yourself that helps church members identify you.

Step 3) Be sure that all of your contact information is up to date.  Please remember to update this when you move.

Step 4) Change your privacy settings as desired.

PLEASE NOTE: If You already have an account, you must opt into the directory on the privacy settings page.

North Wake Church Privacy Policy

North Wake Church only collects the following types of information:
  • General: names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, age, self-identified attributes 
  • Attendance: children’s attendance, serving attendance, lifechange attendance, small group attendance
  • Financial: giving statement information as required by the IRS
No Information will ever be shared outside of North Wake except that which is required by law. Information gathered will only be used by the leadership of NW for the purpose of Shepherding/Care of the 
congregation and to facilitate the fulfillment of the membership covenant and mission statement.