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North Wake Church


LifeChange Classes

At 9am and 10:45am we have a program for adults called LifeChange Fellowship which provides great opportunities for getting to know one another, as well as, in-depth Bible study.  The classes meet for 6 months at a time to allow members to spend the other half of the year serving the body in various roles.

Sign ups for the elective classes occur during the Biblical Manhood & Womanhood classes at the beginning of the new LifeChange semester.

We will have several classes for you to choose from. We still desire for you to study the same hour as the rest of your small group, so that you may participate in corporate worship together, but you can select the class that you are most interested in. 

Sept 23rd - November 18th

  • Life Without a  King - (9am) Rm 601

A chapter-by-chapter study through the book of Judges.

  • Disciple Making  - (9am) Rm 602

A biblical training class that equips members with tools and partnerships for reaching the lost and teaching them to follow Jesus.

  • A Home United - (10:45am) Rm 602

This class is to encourage unity and wisdom in our homes and relationships through study and discussion of God’s Word together.

  • Book of Colossians -  Men  (10:45am) Rm 206

A verse-by-verse study of Paul’s letter to the Colossian church, led by men for men.

  • Book of Colossians -  Women (10:45am) Rm 601

A verse-by-verse study of Paul’s letter to the Colossian church, led by women for women.

December 2nd - January 20th 

  • "What We Believe" — (9am & 10:45am) Rm 602

A short study and discussion concerning foundational Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ. 

To listen to the LifeChange Talks, click HERE.