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North Wake Church


LifeChange Classes

At 9am and 10:45am we have a program for adults called LifeChange Fellowship which provides great opportunities for getting to know one another, as well as, in-depth Bible study.  The classes meet for 6 months at a time to allow members to spend the other half of the year serving the body in various roles.

We will have several classes for you to choose from. We still desire for you to study the same hour as the rest of your small group, so that you may participate in corporate worship together, but you can select the class that you are most interested in. 

May 26 thru June 16 — 9am Study

"Counseling As Mission" — (9am) Rm 601
This class aims to equip you with some basic practical counsel on various topics for common relational and emotional challenges “so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God” (2 Cor. 1:4). This class is open to anyone but is necessary for those who desire to serve within the HOPE Counseling ministry of North Wake. 
Teachers: Craig Morrisette and Brad Holloway

"Rooted" (Ps 1-3) — (9am) Rm 602
Join us as we dig into God's Word together, mine its treasures and root ourselves in its beauty in such a way that our lives are transformed. This class will be an all together, verse-by-verse study of God's Word with high class involvement and contribution.
Teachers: Jake Mason, Travis Williams and Robert Thomas

May 26th - 10:45am Class

What Does Jesus Think About Your Vacation? — (10:45am) Rm 602
This Sunday we will be talking about taking rest in Christ. How to rest with Christ when life is too busy.
Teacher: Noah Joyner

June 2nd thru 16th - 10:45am Class

The Doctrine of Me — (10:45am) Rm 602
Join us as we learn how to understand who we are and why we do what we do.
Teacher: Noah Joyner

Starting July 14th

"Hope From the Psalms" (Women) — (10:45am) Rm 601
Teachers: Jen Grady, Stephanie Joyner, Mary Kathryn Lassetter

In this focused study of Psalms we will learn how to take hope when life seems hopeless.

"Hope From the Psalms" (Men) — (10:45am) Rm 206
Teachers: Jerry Lassetter, Kenny Hilliard, Daniel Grady

In this focused study of Psalms we will learn how to take hope when life seems hopeless.

"Heaven" — (10:45am) Rm 602
Teachers: Stuart Bulman and Blake Grubbs

This hope filled study of Heaven and the God who is there will teach us to live this day in light of our future hope.

To listen to the LifeChange Talks, click HERE.