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North Wake Church

The Service Station

The Service Station

The Service Station is a volunteer-led ministry of North Wake Church.  Our mission is to provide low cost solutions to individuals who are struggling with maintaining or acquiring basic transportation.  We serve individuals who are in extremely difficult situations (low income, single parent, unemployed, etc…) by providing the following:

  • Perform professional automotive repairs at reduced rates
  • Provide free, professional automotive repairs for those in the most need
  • Offer reliable transportation to individuals at prices below NADA trade in value
  • Offer reliable transportation free of charge, on both a short term and long term basis, to those individuals in the most need

Application for Assistance

All individuals in need of automotive repairs or replacement vehicles are required to complete an application.  Once a completed application is received, a one-on-one interview is scheduled.  Assistance is provided based on need, volunteer availability and current funding. Online applications are available here.


Volunteer Led

The Service Station is led by volunteers and operates solely off donations from individuals and businesses. The following is a list of current needs:

  • Volunteers that can evaluate vehicles and perform basic automotive repairs
  • Volunteers that can interview applicants, and maintain communication with donors/volunteers (newsletters, social media content, etc…)
  • Donated vehicles, motorcycles and boats (all donations are tax deductible)

If you are interested in volunteering or have a vehicle that you would like to donate, please email us at or 919-998-6657.