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    Children's Ministry Curiculum

    01.12.15 | Documents | by Stephanie Jackson

    WeeCare: Birth Through 2 Years Old (A Sure Foundation) Focus on prayer, blessing, spreading the atmosphere of Christ – worship music, gently spoken words of kindness and truth, simple truth statements about God, Bible story telling(13...

      Children and the Lord's Supper

      07.28.14 | Documents | by Rob Connelly

      A General Response to Children and the Lord’s Supper When people inquire about children taking the Lord’s Supper at North Wake, please keep in mind that the table is open to all present believers, including children who are: Trusting...

        North Wake Social Issues Guide

        07.28.14 | Apologetics | by Rob Connelly

        NORTH WAKE’S VOTER’S ISSUES GUIDE The Condensed Version (For a full and complete version click HERE) The purpose of this guide is to equip the members of North Wake Church with the necessary information so that they may...

          North Wake Church Membership Covenant

          06.13.14 | Documents

          As one who has been led by the Spirit of God to repent of my sins, believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior, and place my faith in His finished work on my behalf, I solemnly and joyfully enter into this covenant with the other members of North Wake...