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    Gathering for Prayer


    At our Prayer Gathering this Sunday, Nov. 6th, at 6 pm we will focus on praying for the persecuted church (Sunday is the international day of prayer for the persecuted church) including our own Jen who is currently imprisoned awaiting trial...

      Love Your Neighbor Night

      10.11.16 | by Rob Craig

      WHAT:  We are Visiting our NeighborsWHEN: Wednesday Evening — Oct 19th at 5:30pm​ WHERE: Tyler Run NeighborhoodHOW: Walking through the Neighborhood in pairs and triplets  Dear North...

        Gratitude For Those Who Serve North Wake

        05.24.16 | by Stephanie Jackson

        Sunday, May 27th, we will take a little time to thank those who have served North Wake this past semester. There will be an envelope and notecard with each person's name on it who served with us and a basket at the back of the worship center...

          Why Study, Serve, Worship

          05.17.16 | Study Serve Worship | by Jeff Doyle

          Introduction Seeker-sensitive. Traditional. Emerging. Mega. Expositional. House. Contemporary. Liturgical. Multi-campus. Topical. Purpose-driven. Missional. Chances are simply reading that list of church qualifying adjectives stirred your...

            The Secret Church Simulcast

            04.06.16 | by Noah Joyner

            Friday, April 21st 6:30pm - 12:30am North Wake is hosting a simulcast event called Secret Church that is put on by Radical, the ministry of David Platt. In short, it is a mix of Bible teaching, worship through singing, and...