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    Why Study, Serve, Worship

    05.17.16 | Study Serve Worship | by Jeff Doyle

    Introduction Seeker-sensitive. Traditional. Emerging. Mega. Expositional. House. Contemporary. Liturgical. Multi-campus. Topical. Purpose-driven. Missional. Chances are simply reading that list of church qualifying adjectives stirred your...

      The Secret Church Simulcast

      04.06.16 | by Noah Joyner

      Friday, April 21st 6:30pm - 12:30am North Wake is hosting a simulcast event called Secret Church that is put on by Radical, the ministry of David Platt. In short, it is a mix of Bible teaching, worship through singing, and...


        03.02.16 | by David Jachim

        Trustees North Wake’s trustees support the mission of North Wake Church by handling tasks related to facilities maintenance and improvement as designated by North Wake’s Elders, so that these pastors may devote themselves to the...