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Annual Budget Meeting

11.01.17 | by Jake Mason

    Gathering for Prayer & Budget Meeting

    Sunday, Dec. 3rd @ 6pm

    We are meeting Sunday, Dec. 3rd, at 6pm for Corporate Prayer and Affirmation of the proposed budget for 2018. You can review the Final Proposed Budget below.

    Final Proposed 2018 Budget

    congregational 2018 Budget input meeting

    Sunday, Nov 12th (directly after 2nd Service)

    Dear North Wake Family,

    In early December we will be meeting to affirm our budget for the coming year (2018). We highly value your participation and insight in this process and, as such, we encourage you to review the attached 2018 Budget prepared by your Elders, Trustees and Ministry Coordinators. Your suggestions and recommendations are welcomed and encouraged at our annual Congregational Budget Input Meeting Sunday, November 12th, following the 2nd service in room 601.

    Please make a note of the following dates for you to be informed and prayerfully involved in the process:

    • 11/12/17 — congregational 2018 Budget input meeting held in Bldg. 6 immediately following the second service (approx. 12:30 pm)

    • 11/24/17 — final revisions to budget emailed to congregation

    • 12/03/17 (6:00pm) — congregational prayer meeting which includes the affirmation of the proposed budget for 2018 

    Thanks for your prayerful consideration of these matters!

    Jake Mason

    2018 Proposed Budget