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Documentary on Missions and the Persecuted Church

07.07.15 | by Daniel Creswell

    In our services this week, we will have a special Mission's testimony about the persecuted church from North Wake member Josh Chapman's sister Bekah Joy.  Her story is part of a larger story that is being told as part of a documentary film being produced.  You can view a promotional video HERE.
    It is providential that this documentary is being filmed as we are hearing about the persecuted church every week in the book of Acts.  The film crew will be filming some of our 10:45 worship service this Sunday to capture Bekah Joy's testimony as well as getting shots of her worshipping with the church. They are going to be as discreet as possible, but you will undoubtedly notice their presence.
    If you wish to avoid being filmed please sit in the back left portion of the Worship center (Southeast corner) as you enter. The film crew will avoid that area of the sanctuary.