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G4 Informational Meeting

10.24.18 | by Craig Morrisette

    Dear Friends,

    For the short version, just read what is in bold.

    I believe there are many people in our Church and in our community that are suffering in silence. They are battling with anxiety, addictions, betrayal from spouses, traumas and a number of other challenges. Individual counseling feels intimidating to them and they feel more comfortable in a small group atmosphere talking with those who are overcoming a similar life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering.  

    Prayerfully, with your help, I am desirous to launch G4 Groups at North Wake in 2019. The term “G4” stands for “the Gospel” (G) with four (4) different focuses (Recovery, Support, Educational and Processing). If you are unfamiliar with G4, it is group counseling that was designed by Brad Hambrick at the Summit Church. Summit has been running G4 groups for several years and they make their training, materials, and resources available to any church desiring to replicate their model. You can read about G4 HERE.

    Sin and suffering are different in both experience and in providing care. We believe that scripture speaks to sin and suffering differently and in order to follow this G4 model we will have separate groups for both sin and suffering. For SIN focused groups we could potentially have groups on: Addiction, Sexual Sin, Disordered Eating, Depression/Anxiety, and Anger. For SUFFERING, we could potentially have groups on: Betrayal (Spousal), PTSD, and Codependency. We will not tackle all of these, but we would always have the option of opening up any of them, especially ones where leaders desire to lead a specific group. I'm sure you could see one or two groups that could benefit people you may know. 

    Brad Hambrick has written all of the curriculum that we will use for any group we open. Change is difficult and often scary for those who are doing the changing. One of the best ways to reduce fear is to give people a vision or process that can be followed. Thus, a written curriculum. The curriculum allows participants the ability to see the entirety of the process at once or see it in smaller chunks by viewing it one step at the time.  This is incredibly helpful because it does not require YOU to "figure it out". The curriculum for each group is very good and will make it easy for any leader to facilitate discussion. 

    Providing these groups at North Wake will require participation from many different people, not just counselors, to do this well

    I will need people to help with set-up, with registration/snacks, with leading groups and with email/communications. Obviously, the greatest need will be for counselors, both male and female, but there are needs in all the categories mentioned. 

    For each of our participants we want to ensure that they understand that we desire to offer the highest level of peer support care possible, but our groups are not run by professional counselors. Our group facilitators, will be people like YOU from our church and community. We will be doing a training for all of those who will be committing to serve with G4 at North Wake in the future. For now, we just want to know who is intrigued and might like to hear more.

    If you would be interested in learning more about G4 at North Wake, I am scheduling a brief INFORMATIONAL MEETING for Monday, November 5, at 6:30 p.m. in Building 6, room 602. 

    BY ATTENDING YOU ARE NOT COMMITTING TO ANYTHING, you are just coming to hear about G4 and ask any questions you may have. Signup HERE to attend the INFORMATIONAL MEETING. 

    Please prayerfully consider being a part of this unique ministry.