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GEN12: Blessed to Be a Blessing

01.05.20 | by Larry Trotter

    Dear North Wake Family,

    With the paying off of our mortgage this past August comes a new and exciting season of generosity here at NW!  We are now debt free as a church and are eager to share with others the resources that were previously used to pay down our mortgage.  

    For the past 15 years, we took pledges each fall from all who call NW home that were used to pay down our mortgage on our facilities.  It was called our “Journey of Faith” (JOF) offering and it reflected sacrificial gifts above and beyond our regular gifts to the church.  In our Sunday morning services on November 24th, we introduced our Genesis 12 (GEN12) offering based on Genesis 12.2.

    “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”

    Our GEN12 offering reflects the truth that God blesses his people so that we can be a blessing to others — we truly are “blessed to be a blessing”!

    As with JOF, we will be taking pledges this month for the coming year (2020).  But unlike JOF, these GEN12 gifts will all go to the following ministries instead of our local bank! 

    The first 5 of these ministries are local:

    1. BackPack Buddies (& Similar Local Ministries) 

    Ministering to kids in need of weekend meals. I ran across this sobering quote from their website, “When asking a 1st grade student what type of food he ate on the weekend, he replied ‘oh… we don’t eat on the weekend.’” We are excited about the chance to tangibly show the love of Christ and connect with and minister to our local schools.

    2. NW Block Parties for Neighboring Businesses

    Reaching out to build relationships right here with our literal neighbors right across the streets from our facility!  This will be a great way to meet and bless our neighbors!

    3. A "Bless Wake Forest" Fund

    This fund can be used to bless your neighbors here in Wake Forest when they face a financial need beyond their ability.

    4. HOPE Counseling

    HOPE reaches out with free/donation-based counseling to share the hope of Jesus with our neighbors who are facing marital and family struggles, job loss, addictions and much more.  Craig Morrisette says HOPE is one of only 2 ministries of its kind in our entire state that offer church-based, Christ-centered counseling to the unbelieving community! 

    5. A New Playground For Our Kids

    Our hope is that this will be another way to be as welcoming as possible to young families in our community.

    The Next 3 GEN12 Ministries are International:

    6. Bible Translation Project

    We started this project this year and will continue to support the translation work of the Bible into  the language of a minority Muslim people group in China who have never had the Bible in their language!

    7. NW Overseas Missions Conference

    We will be, for the very first time, hosting a conference for a gathering of our NW missionaries overseas!  We'll be going to them, gathering together with them in worship and encouragement.

    8. NW Worship Team to the Olympics in Japan

    We will be sending our NW worship team to Japan during the Olympics to represent American culture on a stage there.  NWers there, Daniel & Tara Rice, are in charge of that event and will have people ready to share Christ as our worship team performs.

    Why Japan? The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world. 

    • Japan is less than 1% Christian
    • Less than 0.5% of the population of Japan is evangelical
    • 0.2% attend any kind of Protestant church

    Most people in Japan have never been to church, have never read the Bible, and have no Christian friends. It is estimated that 95% of Japanese have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    All of the monies you pledge and give to NW that are earmarked “GEN12” will go to fund these ministries! Last year we pledged nearly $175,000 towards the payment of our mortgage. Imagine the blessing we can be to ministries like the ones listed above if we mobilize those resources towards this new GEN12 offering!  If you missed the sermon introducing the new GEN12 offering, I would strongly encourage you to listen/watch it here:

    Will you join me in this great opportunity to bless as we have been blessed?  You will find a commitment card for GEN12 attached or pick one up at the information wall in the lobby. Please do prayerfully fill it out and return it to by December 22nd. 

    Thankful For You All,

    Larry Trotter