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Giving OnLine

07.03.18 | by Jake Mason

    Good Afternoon North Wakers! 

    We know that many of you are enjoying the summer season with family vacations, weekend getaways, mission trips, cook outs, family reunions, etc.  And we also know that these require travel and occasionally missing Sunday morning worship at NW.  Even though we miss you when you are away, we understand that the summer provides many opportunities that the rest of the year does not.  Unfortunately, with our increased travel we have noticed a significant decrease in giving.  We are currently ($46,237) under budget in our giving YTD. Just like you still have bills to pay for your household even when you are on vacation so do we!  One of the things that would help with this is for more of us to move to online giving. By setting up a recurring bill pay through your bank or the church’s website, it would help us ensure that we will be able to pay our bills as a church body.  Because of this, we are hoping that you would you consider moving your giving to the church online.

    The easiest way to do this is to set “North Wake” up as a “recurring bill” (even though it is a gift) through your personal bank’s “Bill Pay.”  Almost every bank offers this and the postage is free and there are no fees associated.  Another way to give online is by using the giving portal on North Wake’s website ( Simply choose the “Click Here to Setup an Automated Gift” and the website will walk you through the process.  These are two simple ways to help us continue to fund the ministries of our church and “reach the lost and equip them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshipers of God." 

    Thanks so much for considering online giving and enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Jake Mason
    Executive Pastor