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Hope Counseling Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do we do at the Hope Counseling Center?

    We offer Christian Counseling to individuals desirous for change. Our counseling addresses people facing most emotional and relational challenges from a Christian perspective. However, we do not counsel all of the possible emotional and relational challenges people might face. The emotional challenges we typically address would include: Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Insecurity, Anger or other emotional struggles, which lack psychotic features. The relational challenges we typically address would include: Pre-marital, Marital, Parenting and Conflict Resolution. We do not counsel substance abuse cases requiring detox or counseling of minors younger than thirteen. 

    Do you prescribe medication?

    No. We are a Church based counseling center. So, we don’t process insurance, make advisement on or prescribe medication. However, we regularly work with individuals who are seeking other professionals when medication is desired along with counseling. 

    Are you licensed counselors?

    No. We are not Licensed Counselors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. We are a Church based counseling center. While we respect experts and specialists in the counseling field we think that the Church has a unique role in bringing the Hope of the Gospel, the wisdom of the Scriptures and the care of the local church to bare upon peoples problems and suffering. While we are not licensed, many of our counselors either have a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling or are pursuing such a degree from an accredited Seminary. We do refer individuals to local licensed Professionals if needed.

    What is your approach to counseling?

    We are committed to providing a balanced and Biblical approach to counseling. By “biblical counseling” we mean that your counselor is a Christian with special training and experience in applying the truths of the Bible to life. We believe that the Bible speaks to all of life and to all of its problems, but sometimes it takes careful thought and prayerful wisdom to know how to make those connections.  We believe that the Bible ultimately points us to a person and a relationship – Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. We believe that real change comes when people learn to see themselves and their problems in the context of a living, vital relationship with Christ. This does not mean that you must be a Christian to profit from our counseling, although we believe that deep and lasting change is brought about only by God himself.  Our approach in counseling would be considered cognitive behavioral therapy with a strong emphasis on the influence of living in healthy, encouraging community. Our counsel is based upon the Scriptures and other Christian teaching.   

    Who qualifies for your services?

    One must be an individual desirous for change older than fourteen years of age and not in need of detox for substance abuse. We offer counseling to both: individuals NOT meaningfully connected to a local Church and individuals who ARE meaningfully connected to a local Church.