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03.17.21 | by Rob Craig


    One that pleads the cause of another; specifically one that pleads the cause of another before a group, one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal, one that supports or promotes the interests of another.

    The Advocate: Job Description

    It is the desire of North Wake Church to have someone to serve as an advocate for each Far Flung Family or Friend (FFF) to act as a liaison between the Church Body and the individual FFF serving around the world. It is expected that Advocates will have the most accurate and intimate knowledge regarding the status of each of our Far Flung Families including, but not limited to, their location, security, current difficulties, praises, physical needs, and how they are doing-emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

    Advocate Expectations Include:

    • Communication – Two way
      • The Advocate's first priority is to maintain regular contact with their individual FFF of at least once a month via any means the Advocate so desires (e.g. preferably Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Marco Polo, etc.).
      • Advocates will keep the FFF informed as to what is currently happening at North Wake as security allows. Examples include: sermons, newsletters, video, pictures, etc.

    • Prayer – Their Lifeline
      • Advocates should pray for their Far Flung Family/Friend regularly.
      • Advocates should recruit and maintain a prayer support team list preferably created by the Advocate of individuals and families of North Wake and/or elsewhere who have said they would like to commit to praying for the particular FFF.
      • When scheduled Advocates will be asked to provide a recent photo of their FFF and a brief write-up about their FFF’s work (i.e. prayer requests and praises) for the church bulletin.
      • During scheduled mission-focused times (Sunday night prayer, Entermissions, Sunday morning FFF prayer) Advocates should be prepared to provide prayer requests from their FFF.
    • Publicity - Entermissions
      • Advocates should prepare representation at Entermissions in the form of a informational display about the work of the FFF they support. These FFF displays will be stationed throughout building for the church to see and hear about the work of each of our FFF.  The specifics and ideas for these displays involve:
        • A three-fold display to hang photos and other items (e.g. post cards, brochures, maps, flags etc.) on relevant to the country and culture of your FFF’s location.  Please contact the office if you’d like for us to supply a three-fold board.
        • Other decorations from the country where your FFF’s work in to display on the table (native money or coins, food, candy, etc.).
        • A tablecloth representative of your FFF’s country.
        • A sign-up sheet for prayer support/email updates for and from their FFF.
        • Prayer Cards for your FFF.
    • Support
      • Advocates should consider sending a package, if security allows, to the FFF of which they are responsible whenever feasible. It is encouraged to make this a prayer team event.
      • Advocates needs to be thoroughly familiar with security policies of the FFF and the FFF’s region. Advocates are responsible for informing all people who contact the FFF of any necessary security precautions.
    • Travel
      • Advocate and members of the prayer team should recruit/promote and consider physically visiting the FFF on the field. North Wake Church will assist with this organizationally and financially if sufficient funds are available.