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North Wake Church
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Outdoor Service


    Church in the Park

    Sunday, October 15th @ 10am

    Joyner Park Amphitheater
    701 Harris Road in Wake Forest

    • Bring Your Own Lawn Chair Or Blanket
    • Enjoy Lunch from One of the Food Trucks on Site
    Charlie Kabob, Fully Loaded Fritters and Bam Pow Chow
    .... Lumpy's Ice Cream
    • Or Bring a Picnic Lunch

    Parents Please Note! 

    Tyvek Bracelets for Children 12 and Younger:

    Upon arrival at the park, please be sure to pick up a neon Tyvek bracelet from our greeters for each of your kids (12 and younger) to wear while at the park. This will help us quickly identify children who are a part of our group in the case of a missing child. Thanks for helping us keep the kids of North Wake safe during our time together. 

    Fun Activity Bags For Children 3-10:

    A fun activity bag will be provided for children ages 3-10 who will be attending our family outdoor service to help guide them through our time together. Parents please come prepared for your little ones to be with you during our family outdoor service. Families are encouraged to bring an outdoor activity (cornhole, frisbee etc) to share during our meal time after the service.

    Giving on Sunday 

    Dear NW'er,

    We will provide an opportunity to worship through giving at our outdoor service.  There are several ways to prepare for this. One is to simply bring your offering with you and place it in the basket during that part of the service.  But there are other ways to give that you might not be as familiar with.  Below are some of these ways:

    Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Draft Gifts made via North Wake’s Website

    • One-Time Gifts:

    You may give via a giving portal on North Wake’s website ( by choosing the “Click Here to Give Now” link.  You will be prompted to sign in or create a new account.  Once you are signed in, you will choose, from the drop down list, the "Fund" to which you would like your gift to be credited.  Choose a SubFund, if applicable.  Enter the amount you wish to give and choose either Personal Check or Bank Card.  Enter the appropriate information from either your card or personal check depending upon which option you choose.  American Express is not available.

    • Recurring Automated Gifts:

    For either Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Draft, you may choose to set up an Automated Gift.  From the website (, choose “Click Here to Setup an Automated Gift”.  The website will walk you through the process and it will be similar to the One-Time Gifts above.

    • Cost to North Wake:

    The cost to North Wake for Credit Card Giving varies depending upon method of giving and type of card.  Credit Cards cost approximately 2.5%.  Debit Cards cost approximately 2.2%.  Bank Drafts cost $0.50 per transaction.

    “Bill-Pay” Through Your Bank’s Online Banking

    Most banks offer a “Bill-Pay” service which is typically free of charge.  This service will mail a check to North Wake in any amount you choose, via your bank’s online checking portal.  Many banks offer scheduled and recurring payments through this service.  There is no transaction cost to North Wake for this type of giving, however, like any paper check, it must be processed manually.  Checks that are received during the week in the mail are counted with the offering on the following Sunday.  All checks are scanned to our bank deposit program each Sunday morning and processed by the bank the next business day.  There are occasional exceptions to the checks being processed the following business day, but in that case, we will process them as soon as possible. 

    Giving online through North Wake's website or through your own bank's online banking has become an increasingly effective way to give. One of the major benefits is that you are able to participate in this aspect of worship when you are away (as will be the case October 15th...we will all be away from the campus). So our ministries stay funded even in high seasons of travel like summers and holidays.  Whichever way you choose to give, we are grateful for your faithful generosity to our church and the spread of the Gospel!