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07.30.19 | by Jake Mason

    Dear NW Family,
    Our elders regularly provide our staff with a season away from our regular work to restore and re-tool so we can deepen our love for God and stay in the race for the long haul!  Starting on July 29th, Jake Mason will be away from the office for a 3 month sabbatical. As our Executive  Pastor, Jake wears many hats and bears many burdens!  This time of restorative work and rest is much needed and deserved! Please look over Jake’s letter (below) and do be in prayer for Him and Chelle during this time. 
    If you have questions that relate to Jake’s areas of ministry at NW, please contact our office administrator, Karen Grubb, at and she will direct you to the person responsible for that area in Jake’s absence.

    Thankful for you all, 

    Dear North Wake Family,

    NW and its leadership have graciously provided me a 3-month sabbatical starting this week. I am humbled and thankful to receive this season of rest and refreshment in the Lord by you all. The purpose of my sabbatical will be to learn to find rest in God as He leads me beside still waters (Psalm 23:2-3). To accomplish this, I will be incorporating several “Still Water” weeks where I unplug and get away with God for extended times of Scripture reading, prayer and solitude. These weeks will be in places where God’s presence is on full display through His creation which will serve as catalysts for stillness before God. They will literally be beside waters as all of the locations I chose involve streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and oceans. The stunning beauty of a beach sunset or a mountain stream or lake will cause me to stop, be still and ponder the wondrous Creator who made these things so captivatingly beautiful (Psalm 136:5-6). My renewal will also include two “Study” weeks where I am able to learn from dear saints who have gone before me and mastered the art of stillness before God. And finally, the sabbatical will provide me the opportunity for much needed refreshment with my wife and children. Towards the end Chelle and I will be going on a mission trip together to visit and serve two of our Far Flung Families, Michael & Melissa Rains and Jen Beadle, in Kenya and Ethiopia. We hope to offer them some much needed encouragement, help, and refreshment as well.

    If you think of me while I am away, I would greatly appreciate it if you would say a quick prayer for me in one, or all, of the following ways: 

    • Pray that I would slow down enough (rest beside those “still waters”) to enjoy the fullness of God’s presence.
    • Pray that God would be my greatest delight each day and “restore my soul.”
    • Pray that my time with Chelle and the kids (Hunter & Priscilla and Brooklyn & Sheldon) would be sweet and many memories would be shared together.
    • Pray for our trips (especially Africa)…that travel would go well, that everyone would get along, that we would have the provision needed, and that God would be glorified in all we think, feel, say, and do.

    Thank you so much for providing this privileged opportunity for me and my family!

    In Christ,

    Jake Mason