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Special Needs Ministry Informational Mtg.

09.30.15 | by Jett Wrenn

    Sunday, October 11th, Directly After 2nd Service

    A ministry designed for supporting persons with special needs and their families is in the beginning stages. We are having a twenty-minute meeting on Sunday, Oct. 11th, in Bldg. 6 (Rm 601), directly after the second service. This will be a time to discuss needs and plans, as well as to pray. We would like to hear from all people interested in being a part of this group, people who want the support and people who want to serve. If you cannot attend but are interested in being a part of the ministry, please call Marian Merkle at 919-867-9618 or Jett Wrenn at 919-556-1961.

    Time & Date: Sunday, Oct. 11th - Directly after 2nd Service

    Location: North Wake, Bldg. 6, Rm 601