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Staff Anniversary Celebration

09.03.15 | by Larry Trotter

    North Wake Staff Anniversary Recognition

    Person of the MONTH


    Rob Craig – Outreach Pastor

    Honoring 25 Years of Service

    North Wake has been richly blessed with tremendous faithfulness on the part of our staff! To help honor them, our elders want to invite you to help celebrate key anniversaries (5 year, 10 years, 15 years, etc.).

    During the month of a staff member’s anniversary a basket will be in the lobby for you to be able write notes of appreciation. If you are inclined you may include a gift card, monetary gift or any other creative way to show appreciation (i.e., provide a meal, use your mountain cabin, invite them to join you for lunch; basically anything that you can put inside a card).

    There will be someone there to collect your cards at the end of each service during that month, so if you’re not here one week you have three more weeks to participate.

    The basket will be limited to cards, but if you wish to bestow any packaged gifts you are encouraged to handle those individually and directly with the staff person being recognized.

    Below is some information to help you get to know Rob better.

    • FAMILY:  My wife is the beautiful Kelly Caldwell Craig. We have four children — Hannah Craig Kiger, 29 (married to Korey Kiger);  Ben, 23; Emma, 18; and Natalie, 15.  I have one grandson, Jack Kiger, who is 8 months old.
    • HOMETOWN / STATE:  I was born in Gastonia, North Carolina.
    • COLLEGE’s ATTENDED/DEGREES/MILITARY SERVICE: I attended Brevard College, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
    • BIG SPORTS FAN?  LIST FAVORITE TEAM:  I enjoy watching and cheering for the Tar Heels!
    • FAVORITE VACATION YOU ENJOY OR WOULD LIKE TO ENJOY:  I enjoy time at the beach and time in the mountains.  Bermuda has been a favorite destination in the past.
    • HOBBIES:  I bike and swim to eat. I really enjoy coaching young athletes in the sport of track and field.
    • FAVORITE HOME-COOKED MEAL or DESSERT:  Kelly's meatloaf is a favorite.  Dessert: anything.
    • FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: We eat at Carrabba's occasionally and enjoy the food.
    • PLACES OR ONLINE COMPANIES YOU LIKE TO SHOP AT: I make most all of my purchases on Amazon.
    • INTERESTING FACT(s) ABOUT YOU THAT WE MAY NOT KNOW:  I have ridden my bicycle across North Carolina (475 miles) twice and hope to do it again this year.