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Upcoming Year Calendar-of-Events

11.16.17 | News

    Save the Dates for 2018

    Jan 7th — Serve Training Sunday

    Jan 7th Entermissions Link-up (4:30pm)

    Jan 7th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Jan 12th — See & Savor (7pm)

    Jan 14th & 21st — Serve Shadow Sunday

    Jan 28th Study/Serve Switch Sunday

    Feb 11th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Feb 23rd - 25th  — Entermissions

    Mar 4th  — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Mar 5th — Women’s Retreat Link Up (7pm)

    Mar 29th  — Maundy Thursday (7pm)

    Mar 30th  — Good Friday (5:30pm)

    Apr 1st  — Easter Sunday

    Apr 2nd-6th  — Youth Mission Trip

    Apr 8th  — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Apr 13th-15th — Women’s Retreat

    Apr 28th — Small Group Leaders' Day Retreat

    May 5th — Meet in the Street

    May 6th — Food Truck Fellowship

    May 6th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    May 13th — Child Dedication

    May 20th  — Ministry Fair

    May 20th  — Baptism (4pm)

    June 3rd  — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    June 18th-22nd — 1st Runner’s Camp

    June 18th-22nd — Youth Creed Camp

    June 24th  — Serve Training Sunday

    June 25th-29th — 2nd Runner’s Camp

    July 1st — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    July 1st & 8th — Serve Shadow Sunday

    July 8th — Promotion Sunday for Kindergarten to 5th grade

    July 2nd-6th  — 3rd Runner’s Camp

    July 15th  — Study/Serve Switch Sunday

    Aug 5th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Aug 12 — Family Discipleship Seminar (4pm-6pm)

    Aug 20th — Women’s Day Link Up (7pm)

    Aug 23rd-25th — Elder’s Retreat

    Sept 9th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Sept 16th — Baptism (4pm)

    Sept 17th  — See & Savor (7pm)

    Oct 7th — Food Truck Fellowship 

    Oct 7th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Oct 13th  — Women’s Day

    Oct 28th  — 1st JOF Sunday

    Nov 4th — 2nd JOF Sunday

    Nov 4th — Corporate Prayer (6pm)

    Nov 9th-11th — Youth Fall Retreat

    Nov 11th — 3rd JOF Sunday (collect pledges)

    Nov 11th — Budget Mtg Directly After Service

    Nov 22nd — Thanksgiving Day

    Nov 25th — Thanksgiving Sunday

    Dec 2nd — Corporate Prayer/Budget Mtg (6pm)

    Dec 16th — Children’s Christmas Extravaganza

    Dec 23rd — Children Christmas Message (One Service)

    Dec 24th — Christmas Eve (Monday) @ 4:30pm

    Tentative New Member Classes

    Winter 2018 January 14 - March 4
    Spring 2018 April 8 - May 27
    Summer 2018 July 8 - August 26
    Fall 2018 — October 7 - December  2