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2017 "Big Rocks" CALENDAR

More Details to Follow

Creed Camp Registration is Open

Creed Camp (June 26-30) ... Registration is now open! Parents can go to this link to register.


Would you like to accomplish some... 

  • Yard work?
  • Spring cleaning?
  • Organizing?
  • Odd projects?
  • Have a date night?

AND help some of our youth attend Creed Camp or a Mission Trip this year? 

Introducing "Rentateen"! 

Several of our youth would love to help you with your projects as you help them by generously donating towards their camp or mission trip accounts in return for their hard work. 

If you (or a friend/neighbor/relative) would like to be a part of this, please let me know and I'll connect you with the right youth for your job! 

Upcoming Events

May 21: Senior Celebration

June 12-17: Runner’s Camp 1

June 19-24: Runner’s Camp 2

June 26-30: Creed Camp ($275) (Register HERE)

July 3-8: Runner’s Camp 3 (excluding July 4

July 21-24: Summer Mission Trip ($300 - Exact Price Tentative)

August 2: High School Day Trip ($30-40)

August 19: Middle School Day Trip ($30-40)

Nov 3-5Youth Fall Retreat ($75)

Need more info?

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  • And on Instagram: @northwakeyouth
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