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2019 FFF Calendars are Ready

Get your 2019 FFF Calendar (runs March 2019 - February 2020).  They are only $10. Proceeds from each calendar goes towards the Lottie Moon offering. Get details on our FFF (far-flung families) and how to pray for them and get upcoming dates for North Wake.  You can pick up your calendar in the church office. Email Karen at if you have any questions.

Entermissions 2019

Friday, Feb. 22nd - Sunday, Feb. 24th

Our hope for Entermissions 2019 is that God would stir within us all a greater passion for the Gospel to go forth ...

through prayer for the nations

through giving to the nations

through going to the nations

Since the beginning of North Wake Church, one of our core values has been to teach and model the love of Christ to our neighbors, from our own community here in Wake Forest to the ends of the earth. Our vision is that God would use us in a strategic way to spread the fame and glory of His name to the farthest reaches of the globe - even to the places where His name has never been heard!
We have been blessed by God over the years to see over 80 different families and individuals sent by North Wake Church to the ends for the earth.  We currently have the privilege of partnering with more than 40 different families and individuals serving around the world. Here are some of the details of the weekend.

Here are some ways you can be a part of this year's Entermissions Conference

There are many ways you can be a part of this year's conference — from helping with set up, to assisting by making a ethnic meal and/or to sharing the great commission with the kids of North Wake.  To view all these opportunities and to sign up, please visit the below links.

Entermissions Kids

Entermissions Prayer Vigil

Entermissions Food Sign Up

Entermissions Small Group Auction Baskets


Facetime with a Real Missionary!
Coming to a small group near you - Facetime with a North Wake Far Flung Family (FFF) on the field.  Each of our NW small groups will be doing a video connection with a FFF on the field during one of their small group sessions prior to the week of the conference. 

Friday, February 22nd


Entermissions Prayer
48 Hours of Prayer- begins at 1pm. During the 48 hours of the weekend, we’ll be covering the entire conference with continuous prayer.  Please consider taking an hour and make intercession on behalf of our over 40 Far Flung Families around the world.  Prior to their prayer slot, each prayer partner will receive an email of all the collected requests which have come from FFFs around the world.  There will be much to pray about!  You can sign up for an hour time slot (or more) online at the Entermissions Prayer Vigil Signup Genius or in the church lobby beginning on Sunday, February 3.

A Prayer for the Nations  5-8pm at the church. Join us for an extended time of prayer together as the Body of Christ gathered for all of our FFFs. Prayer time will be self-guided with up-to-date prayer prompts from all of our FFFs on the field. Come and go when you want. This is family "inclusive."  There will also be special prayer tents, prayer guides and prayer prompts for our kids with special prayer requests from the children of our Far Flung Families serving overseas. 

Saturday Evening, Feb. 23rd

Beginning at 4:30pm - Meal Served at 5pm


The Entermissions International Dinner & “Auction for the Nations”
Saturday night beginning at 4:30 pm we’ll be hosting our annual International Dinner and “Auction for the Nations” which offers us a chance to assist mission projects with worldwide significance and raise funding that supports our families around the world. You can see a list of many of previous year's auction projects below and this year’s auction will be as big with new projects and new offerings to bid on and support. START SAVING YOUR MONEY NOW!

Entermissions Kids
Journey around the World! Families travel together to each continent and enjoy cultural foods. Experience the hustle and bustle of an International Bazaar right in your back yard! After dinner, families are invited to join us at the Entermissions Kids Tent for fun activities.

Sunday Morning, Feb. 24th


Entermissions Sunday
This year our special speaker is our very own pastor Larry Trotter.  Larry will be issuing the challenge for us all to go and take the Gospel to all the Nations.

Also as a part of our Sunday morning Entermissions worship service each year, we receive The Lottie Moon Missions Offering of which 100% will go fund the salaries of our Far Flung families serving with the International Missions Board overseas. 


  • Kisima Center, Kenya M/M Rains (Fully Funded)
  • NW Student Mission Trip — Fully Funded
  • Send the Devenneys to Portugal —Fully Funded
  • Water System for the Croslands —Fully Funded
  • The Deaf Bible — Fully Funded
  • Send the Donners to Kazakhstan — Fully Funded
  • Hispaniola Institute of Theology — Fully Funded
  • Bridge People Well Project - Shared in the building of a well to provide clean running water to a remote village in Southeast Asia. Coordinated by Lisa G.  FULLY FUNDED!
  • Student Ministry Housing - Helped defer the cost of the housing for a campus student ministry in East Asia. Coordinated by M and L. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Evangelism Project - A start-up project to fund the distribution of evangelism materials in one of Thailand’s strategic southern cities. Coordinated by Eric. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Benches & Mosquito Netting - Provided benches for local primary schools so children will not have to sit on the ground and mosquito netting for local children in Kenya. Coordinated by Michael R. Benches funded and over 1000 nets provided for. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Roman Backpacks - Provided backpacks for the homeless people in Rome. Coordinated by Jason and Stephanie Cooper. Over 100 provided.
  • Audio/Video player - Provided video players for Itinerate evangelists and trainers in South Asia:  More than 100 provided.  FULLY FUNDED!
  • Literature Packets Distribution - Provided New Testaments, the Jesus Film and other evangelistic materials for distribution in Central Asia. Project coordinated by Shanna. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Application Study Bible - Provided for Church Planters in South Asia. Coordinator Jeff C. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Central Asian Russian Scripture Project for Central Asia - Project to put scripture in the hands of Central Asian Muslims. FUNDED!
  • Birthing Centers for Papua New Guinea - Assistance to provide birthing centers in PNG. Presented by Matt and Tiffany Crosland. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Backpack Buddies for the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh Requested:  by Children’s Ministry of North Wake. FULLY FUNDED!
  • Mission Work India - Put an Elementary Child to school for 1 year (includes tuition, uniform, books). Children of House Group Leaders requested. FULLY FUNDED!
  • The Hope and Grace Counseling Center -  Help provide start up cost for a counseling center in Central Asia. Requested by North Waker Peter. FUNDED!
  • The mission of Tree of Life Center  - Ministering to the K People of Turkey.  Help provide one month’s rent for an urban community center in a K community. Requested by North Waker Shanna. FUNDED!
  • Reaching the Unreached and Unengaged through Bible Content MP3s -   Requested by North Waker Allen. FUNDED!