Mission Statement

“The mission of North Wake Church is to reach the lost and equip them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshipers of God.”


Circles of Influence: Our entire membership is praying for, caring for, and sharing with the community where we live, work and play.

Community Rhythms: The Wake Forest community has established rhythms such as “Six Sundays in Spring”, “Friday Night on White” etc. We inform, resource, equip and mobilize our membership to participate in these events to establish a strategic presence in our community that facilitates redemptive relationships through hospitality.

Community Needs: There are needs within our community to which we as a church poised to offer unique solutions via our service. We inform, equip and mobilize members to leverage their gifts and passions to help meet these needs in a strategic way, making the most of every opportunity to speak of Christ.

Intentional Harvest Team:  This team leads regular opportunities to pray for and share with those far from God. Each team provides at least one outreach opportunity teach month. This provides an opportunity for any of our members to get hands-on training in how to transition conversations to the gospel.


Since the beginning of North Wake Church, one of our core values has been to teach and model the love of Christ to our neighbors, from our own community here in Wake Forest to the ends of the earth. Our vision is that God would use us in a strategic way to spread the fame and glory of His name to the farthest reaches of the globe—even to the places where His name has never been heard! We have been blessed by God over the years to see over 90 different families and individuals sent by North Wake Church to the ends of the earth. We currently have the privilege of partnering with more than 35 different families and individuals serving around the world.

Church Planting

Church Planting is simply the sending and multiplication of the church in fulfillment of the Great Commission. Church multiplication methods are informed by the gospel when the church is sent out into the culture to bring God’s grand story of redemption to bear upon new cultures, people groups, and cities. The ultimate purpose of life is the worship and glorification of God. We plant churches to bring about the worship of our glorious God. Church planting flows out of our core belief that the Lord is great and greatly to be praised; that He is to be feared above all gods (Psalm 96:4)! When we gather as the church, our purpose is to fulfill and fuel the mission we were created for: to spread the glory and worship of God among all peoples (Psalm 67:3-4).

North Wake Church Plant Partnerships

Mosaic Church Provo

Provo, UT

Iglesia Biblica Sublime Gracia

Washington, DC

Covenant Life Church

Richmond, VA

Calvary Rockview

Castle Rock, CO

Exchange Church

Rolesville, NC

Restoration Church

Washington, DC

Covenant Life Church

Tampa, FL