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SERVANT KING  (Releasing April 16, 2017)

Servant King is a compilation of songs primarily inspired by the books of Deuteronomy, Matthew and I Corinthians. Each book provided unique glimpses of the indescribable God of creation and His goodness, strength and love. The message of each song took us as songwriters to various styles and genres. From the folky/storytelling sounds of "I Will Worship Him Alone" and "This Life is not Mine," to the worship anthems of "Servant King" and "For the Glory of God," to the straight 12 bar blues of "The Day that Death Died," or the beautiful classical acoustic sound of "Gethsemane," God gave us a collection of very diverse sounding songs that we pray gives voice to His church.

Servant King is set to be released online worldwide on Easter Sunday, April 16th. CD's will be available to buy for $10 at the church or you can order one from our bandcamp site. We will also be making it available for free download to all pastors and missionaries once it's released. Simply send an email to us at and we will send you a download code.

CHILDREN OF THE FREE:  Live from North Wake Church  

We are blessed to have so many gifted musicians and songwriters in our church.  For years we’ve been introducing these songs to the body of North Wake, some of them were written to be used more as a commentary to the church and some of them were written for the corporate singing of the church, but all of the songs were written for the edification and building up of the church and I love that about our people!  I think none have said it so poetically or poignantly than Charles Wesley when he wrote:

"If well I know the tuneful art
To captivate a human heartWP- Children of the Free Art - Children of the Free Cover Art
the glory, Lord, be thine.

A servant of thy blessed will,
I here devote my utmost skill
to sound the praise divine.
Thine own musician, Lord, inspire,
And let my consecrated lyre
Repeat the Psalmist's part.

His Son and Thine reveal in me,
And fill with sacred melody
The fibres of my heart."

Children of the Free is the manifestation of the sacred melody of God filling the fibres of the heart of North Wake.  We pray it encourages you and glorifies Christ.




We've Been Redeemed

God's Word Stands Sure Forever
(Guitar Capo 5)

Freed and Called Me Son

Children of the Free

Christ Our Savior (I Cannot Tell)
(Sheet Music)

O Christ What Burdens Bowed Thy Head

This is Impossible

Yes, In Christ

Fullness of Time


The Depths of Your Love

My Eyes Have Seen the King


Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe)