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North Wake Church


You may have noticed that spare parking spaces close to North Wake’s main sanctuary building are few and far between. 

Please follow the instructions below when parking on Sundays:

Please DO NOT...

  • DO NOT ... Park in Guest Parking spaces. These spaces were created for our visitors and guests who otherwise might not attend.  By design, there should always be open spaces for our visitors.

  • DO NOT ... Park on the side streets of Cimarron (i.e., Tillamook and Ventura Springs).

  • DO NOT ... Park across driveways, on side streets, or in front of fire hydrants when parking along Cimarron Parkway.

  • DO NOT ... Park at Carquest Auto Parts store or any parking space in that area. Carquest is open on Sundays and a new Church will be starting this Sunday, July 17th, behind Carquest.

Please DO PARK ...

  • In the Hixson & Bumgarner Orthodonics parking lot (south of the Italiano restaurant). They are closed on Sundays. This lot allows families not to have to cross South Main Street to get to and from the church.
  • Across South Main Street in the parking spaces of the retail businesses of Friendship Business Park. These businesses are all closed on Sundays.  Please obey all parking signs there!
  • On Cimarron Parkway. You can walk along the sidewalk to get to North Wake from there. If you do park on Cimarron, please be careful crossing the berm between the Cimarron Parkway sidewalk and our main parking lot. This berm is the property of Cimarron – we recommend you use the sidewalk to walk around.
  • Park in the parking lot of the Trattoria Italiano by Bruno Restaurant (formerly The Fig). 

Remember ...

  • If you have family riding with you, please feel free to drop them off along the sidewalk behind Building 1 and then use the designated parking areas across the street.

  • BE CAREFUL crossing South Main Street. If our crossing guard is out, please obey his commands.

We hope that these alternative parking options will allow us to worship safely at our site and allow parking for our guests who come on Sunday.

Parking Areas For North Wake Church