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Light Up the Night - October 31st

10.23.19 | by Stephanie Jackson

Resources and ideas for October 31st outreach.

Do you want to reach as many people as you possibly can this year? You will not likely receive another opportunity as great as Oct. 31st. Halloween brings massive numbers of children (and their parents) to your door waiting to receive a treat. Be sure to Light up the Night this year by turning on your porch light and passing out the greatest gift of all, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Below you will find a few ideas and other resources your family/small group can use to Light Up the Night!

  • Have your children pick out a favorite Bible verse. Attach this verse along with a gospel tract to each pack of candy given out.
  • Encourage your children to memorize John 3:16. While trick or treating, have them share this verse with the person at the door along with a tract before they receive any candy.
  • Check out these links!
  • Have your children pick out a Bible hero to dress up as. Have them hand the person at the door a homemade card with the verse where the person appears in the scriptures.
  • Purchase 2 pumpkins. On one pumpkin carve a cross and on another pumpkin carve a key scripture reference. Set these pumpkins on your doorstep so visitors can view them.
  • Put a hot cocoa table out front of your house. Type up scripture verses and print off labels to put on the cups. Stand by the table and offer cups of cocoa to the adults coming around with their children trick or treating to encourage spiritual conversations.

**We will have Children's Tracts available for pick up in the

Church Lobby October 20th & 27th**


Pray~ Prior to Halloween night, carve out some intentional time to pray together as a family. Pray for new relationships to be developed in your neighborhood and for existing ones to be deepened. God is already at work in the lives of your neighbors, so join Him!

Follow Up ~ This outreach event is just the beginning! Come up with a follow up with your neighbors to continue the relationship.

Make this a small group activity! ~ Don’t feel like you need to work alone — include your small group!

Keep it Simple ~ Complicated or big isn’t necessarily better. Have fun and enjoy getting to know your neighbors!

Be Generous! ~ Don’t replace treats with tracts. Do both.

Get outside! ~  If you are planning to hand out or host something, get outside and be available. Sit out on your front porch, wave and talk to your neighbors.

Spoiler Alert ~ Don’t prank your neighbors. Don’t sit in the bushes and scare them! The goal is to build trust and develop relationships.

The Runner's Camp 2020

We're making plans for the 2020 Runner's Camp (dates are June 22-27 and July 6-11).  Please consider helping us promote the camp to the thousands of potential Runner's Campers who will come to our doors this Halloween.  

This Sunday at North Wake we will have 2020 Runner's Camp promotional business cards (in sets of 50) for you to give out to those kids that come to your door.  They'll be available at the Light Up the Night table in the lobby on Sunday.  Stop by and pick up a set or two or three.