What is this Material?

God designed marriage to be a loving and warm relationship that draws a man and a woman closer to each other and closer to God. It is meant to be a deep, fulfilling, and fun friendship. This six-chapter curriculum can be used for a class, a weekend retreat, or for a couples study. Use it to explore how God’s Spirit works in our marriages. You hear from other North Wakers about how they are growing in their marriage relationships.


  1. Love
  2. Joy & Delight
  3. Peace
  4. Kindness & Goodness
  5. Gentleness & Humility
  6. Patience

What’s Provided In Each Chapter

  • Biblical study on an element of the fruit of the spirit and how it can be applied in our marriages.
  • Listening Questions that a learner can fill out as a teacher covers the material.
  • Video Testimony listening questions that a learner can use as they listen to the testimonies video.
  • Group Discussion questions on the topic of the chapter
  • Couples homework activity to trigger discussion later in the week
  • Ideas for prayer for one another — because we all need God’s help
  • In the Appendix: Leaders Notes with the answer key for listening activities.

How to Use The Curriculum

Bible Teaching: Ideally, you’ll use this material with teachers who can open the scripture on each of these topics. The chapter provides a lesson that may be a starting point.  If you’re watching this as a couple, or no teacher is available, you can use the Teaching videos listed below (such as 1.1 on Love, and 2.1 on Joy, etc.). As participants are listening, they can use the Bible Study Listening Notes.

Testimonies Video: Each lesson has a testimonies video where North Wake couples share about their marriages. These are heartwarming, funny, honest and challenging.  As participants are listening, they can use the Video Testimonies Listening Activity.

Discussion Questions: Discussion questions are provided for a group discussion around the topic. These should trigger closer reading of the Bible passages. They reference some things said in the testimonies video, but are focused on the text of scripture and application.

Pray Together For God’s Help: We desperately need God’s help to grow! We should pray together for one another for God’s help.

Download the Printable Course EBook

This 104-page course guide is meant for use as a textbook and workbook by both participants and leaders. It has six chapters written by North Wake teachers, and group discussion questions for each chapter.

Marriage: Cultivating Friendship and Fun – Participant & Leaders Guide

Chapter 1: Love

Video 1.1: Love: Looking at Love in Scripture – with Mark Lindsey

Video 1.2: Love: Testimonies

Video 1.3: Course Welcome from Sam and Mindy Williams

Chapter 2: Joy

Video 2.1: Joy: Looking at Joy in Scripture – with Mark Lindsey

Video 2.2: Joy: Testimonies

Chapter 3: Peace

3.1: Looking at Peace in Scripture – with Noah Joyner

3.2: Testimonies of Peace

Chapter 4: Kindness, Goodness

4.1: Kindness & Goodness In Scripture – with Brian Gomez

4.2: Testimonies of Kindness, Goodness, Generosity

Chapter 5: Humility, Gentleness

5.1: Humility in Marriage, in Scripture – with Larry Trotter

5.2: Testimonies of Humility & Gentleness

Chapter 6: Patience

6.2: Testimonies of Patience