Carson Cobb

Originally from Savannah, GA, my wife (Ashley) and I moved to Wake Forest in 2013 to attend SEBTS and joined North Wake soon after. I serve our church family these days by teaching, leading, and loving people with God’s word. I enjoy playing with my three young kids, going on Sushi dates with my wife, and anything outdoors. Movies and chocolate chip cookies are pretty great as well. Most importantly, the love of God in Jesus is still melting my heart and reshaping it to beat in rhythm with His.

Daniel Creswell

I am a follower of Jesus, husband to Lindsay, father of four, golfer, baseball Coach, Tennessee football fan, musician, songwriter.

I equip North Wake through the creative arts to help fulfill our Mission Statement: To reach the lost and equip them to join with us in becoming mature and ministering worshippers of God. That includes things like planning and leading our worship services, leading song-writing teams, organizing multi-media art (digital, chalk, photography, video, etc.).

I started following Jesus after coming to a desperate low point in my life at at the age of 16. A simple desperate prayer was answered in miraculous ways. My life would never be the same. God lavished mercy on me and those around me. I watched as the public high-school I attended started experiencing a true revival. Hundreds of my classmates forsook their sin and turned to Christ. I began seeking to honor Christ as Lord over all of my life. I failed at it everyday and everyday I was reminded that God’s power is shown in my weakness and that His grace covers my sin. The gospel continues to transform me everyday. Every fruit of the Spirit is produced by the Spirit’s work in me and every sin is a reminder to me of my persistent need of grace.

Karen Grubb

I am the wife to Mike and mother to 3 children (Samantha, Erin and Josiah). I enjoy volleyball, shopping, decorating, and organizing (things that keep me moving).

I serve North Wake as the church administrator and try to fill in wherever needed.

I have been a believer since I was 12 years old. Through a journey of ups and downs, I have seen God work in mighty ways to draw me closer to Him and I continue to seek Him daily.

Shanna Smith

It is my joy to be growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ with my fellow believers at North Wake. As a child, I was taught about the gospel from my parents and the church we attended in Kentucky. I knew I needed a Savior and chose to follow Jesus when I was 6 years old. And He has been guiding me every day of my life.

I joined North Wake in 2005 after moving back to the US. I first became acquainted with NW in 2004 while living overseas when I met these three guys coming to lead a conference. Larry, Daniel and Noah were fresh off the plane and that week was the first time Daniel and I sang together to lead worship.

Since then, I have served in various roles at North Wake and around the world. I spent a total of 10 years living in other countries, much of that time as a counselor for fellow cross-cultural workers, including children. I love people of all ages and long to help others follow Jesus. I have had the privilege of serving in NW’s children’s ministry (when I was in the country) and have enjoyed watching many kids grow up here. It is my desire to help our families love Jesus, each other, and the people around us with a passion to see Jesus exalted and lives changed.

In my down time, I love to drink coffee and read a book or visit with a friend. My puppy Lularue keeps me from sitting quietly for too long. I enjoy cooking meals and share with those around me. And one of my all-time favorite movies is The Princess Bride. So many great quotes!

Noah Joyner

Noah and Steph have been married for over 16 years and have 5 great kids. They have enjoyed ministering together through North Wake since 2005, doing youth ministry, counseling, leading small groups and missionary work in Haiti/Dominican Republic. Noah has been in his current role at North Wake since 2015, and looks forward to many more years of developing leaders, teaching the word and serving God’s people.

Mark Lindsey

My wife, Hayden, and I have three kids, and we’ve been at North Wake since 2009. I studied Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill and Valdosta State University and do Internet engineering, training and software stuff in a small consulting firm. I grew up in South Georgia (the one with alligators not penguins), enjoy smoking (especially turkey!), play around on the violin and exercise on a bicycle.

Jake Mason

The most important thing to know about me is that, by God’s grace, I was adopted into God’s family. He completely changed my world in 1995. I became a husband in June of 1995. I became His follower in October of 1995. And I became a father in December of 1995. What a year! I went from a self-absorbed rebel to a child of God with a beautiful family within 7 months. Chelle and I have been married ever since and have two adult children Hunter (born 1995) and Brooklyn (1998). Our son is currently serving in the Air Force and our daughter is in college for elementary education. Our favorite things to do are relax at the beach, backpack in the mountains, play cards together, and cook out with good friends!

I have had the privilege of serving North Wake in several capacities since December of 2004. And as a result, I get to work with some of the most fantastic men and women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They are not just my coworkers; they are my friends. Who gets to work with their friends everyday? If that were not enough, my job is to make disciples of Jesus who will then go out and make disciples as well. I am pretty confident that I have the best job in the world!

Craig Morrisette

I am a follower of Christ, husband to Kim, father to Caleb, Lydia and Moriah. I am also a Church member, small group member, student, teacher, photographer, avid hunter, wing eater, owner of chickens, movie watcher, ecu football fan, coach, lover of music, and eastern NC bbq. I am not a fan of mosquitos, squirrels, groundhogs or “UNC”.

I serve North Wake by providing oversight, direction and leadership to the HOPE Counseling Center and to the counselors who serve in that ministry. I aim to help others connect the transforming power of the Gospel with everyday life.

I came to faith in Christ as a college student (1997). It was at that time that I bowed my knee and willingly submitted to Christ’s Lordship over my life. The Lord removed my heart of stone and gave me a new heart of flesh that desired to and was now capable of obeying Christ. Every day since has been filled with wonderment and gratitude to Christ for the unmerited love and mercy he showers upon me. It is my prayer to faithfully serve and obey my Lord in all circumstances for all the days he provides to me.

Larry Trotter

I am richly blessed to be married to my wife, Stephanie, for 40+ years! Together we have 5 amazing children and 9 grandchildren (and counting!)! I am a reflective introvert and love flat water kayaking, road biking (think Schwinn not Harley), and contemplating the wonder of our Maker in the outdoors.

I preach in our Sunday services, shepherd and encourage our church (especially our leaders) in developing vital, life changing communion with Jesus.

I have been a follower of Jesus for just shy of 50 years! Ever so slowly, the love of God in Christ is chiseling away at my rough edges and making me, bit by bit, a little more like Jesus. The practices of solitude, extended times of prayer and reflective reading of the Scriptures are tools of God’s grace in this ongoing process.