Applications for Ministry Internship Have Begun

If you desire to apply, click HERE. We have limited availability, so it is vital for you to apply as soon as possible.

**This can be done for credit for seminary students @ SEBTS.

The Ministry Intensive at North Wake is a 10-month internship designed to further equip those who are interested in greater service to the Body of Christ in many different areas. Interns will be paired with a staff member in order to be mentored in certain aspects of ministry based on their desired focus and availability. There is also a group component that allows the interns to meet and discuss readings that focus on growing in ministry to others. The miscellaneous readings, assignments, and projects given work together to provide a holistic experience for our interns as they seek to grow in their service to the body. In addition, SEBTS students can get 2 semesters of credit for participating in the internship.

If you are in the process of being sent out by North Wake or hope to be ordained by North Wake in your pursuit of pastoral ministry, the ministry intensive is an essential step in each of those processes.


  • Who is the Ministry Intensive for?
    It is for any members at North Wake (men or women) who want to grow in their ability to walk near to Christ and minister to others in the body of Christ and beyond.
  • How much reading is required?
    We will read around 2 books a month depending on the month and what your mentor assigns.
  • How many meetings should I expect per week?
    There will be one group meeting per week (2 hours) that includes all interns, then another meeting (1 hour) with the mentor. Some mentors meet once a week and others meet twice a month.
  • When do these meetings take place?
    For 2024-2025 we will have two meeting times. Mondays 1-3pm and Mondays 6-8pm.
  • Is there any writing required?
    Yes, each semester there will be writing projects. Those doing the ministry intensive for credit at SEBTS will write around 14 pages total each semester. Those not seeking credit will write significantly less.
  • Will I have to do a project?
    Yes, projects will be developed based on the desire and ability of the intern and the need of the mentor.
  • Will I have to speak in front of people?
    Interns will be required to lead book discussions and teach the Bible a couple of times each semester. This will all be done in a setting of support and trust for the purpose of developing ministry skills and experience. Our goal is never compare, but rather to grow in our ability to serve others. Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad!

If you are interested in applying for this ministry intensive, simply follow this LINK to the application form. If you would like more information, contact Noah at