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Our mission is to reach women for the kingdom of God, help them grow into the likeness of Christ, and develop a passion to glorify Him with every part of their lives.

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Women’s Retreat 2024 (April 26-28, 2024)

My Calm & Quiet Soul: Christian Meditation For Everyday Life

Are you noisy inside? Do the truths that you believe settle deeply into your heart? Get online and you’ll see ads promising peace of mind through meditation and mindfulness. Does that work? Is that what you need? Christian meditation promises far more than a mere absence of noise. Instead, it promises a deeper resonance and communion with your Father, His Son (your Savior), and God’s empowering presence by His Spirit.

Friday, April 26th – “Take Out My Brain” (Mindy Williams)

Saturday, April 27th – “Knowing, Grasping, Pondering” (Mary Kathryn Lassetter)

Saturday, April 27th – “The Unaided Mind” (Alicia Burgess)

Sunday, April 28th – “My Calm, Quiet Soul” (Mindy Williams and Jett Wrenn)

Women Caring for Women Talks

Walking Through Suffering: Living in Hope

January 20, 2024 – Ad Miles

Where is hope in the middle of dark days? Does it shrink into the shadows or come out in full force? Where do you encounter despair? In the wee hours of the night when no one is around to distract you from your thoughts? Hope and despair both try to flourish in the face of unknown outcomes. Despair tempts us to give up, while hope prompts us to keep living the abundant life Jesus promised us in John 10:10. We must learn to live in hope!

Grieving with Hope

February 25, 2022 – Liz Williams


  • 10 Peaceful Practices — Stephanie Joyner spoke at See & Savor (Sept 25th) on Soul Care. This is an attachment of some helpful practices in soul care.

Past Retreat Talks

Women’s Retreat 2023 (April 21-23, 2023)

Friday, April 21st – Desperate People and God’s Steadfast Love (Liz Williams)

Saturday Morning, April 22nd – Remembrance as a Spiritual Discipline (Mary Kathryn Lassetter)

Saturday Evening, April 22nd – From Wrestling to Rest: An Overview of God’s Sovereignty (Jett Wrenn)

Sunday, April 23rd – Christ Fulfills It All (Mary Kathryn Lassetter)

For More Past Retreat talks, go to northwake.com/nwwomens-retreat-talks.

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