Our mission is to reach women for the kingdom of God, help them grow into the likeness of Christ, and develop a passion to glorify Him with every part of their lives.

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Women’s Day 2023

Saturday – Oct 14 – 8:30 am – 3:30pm

Women Encouraging Women

Join us for a full day of workshops (taught by North Wake ladies), delicious food & fellowship.

  • Catered Lunch Provided
  • Saturday, Oct. 14th, 8:30am – 3:30pm
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Class Descriptions

Loving Your Child Through Mental Health Challenges (Erica Turner & Kim Morrisette)

Do you struggle with how to love well and parent your child with mental health difficulties? Come hear from two moms who are counselors and have walked this road as they share encouragement and practical skills to help you love and shepherd your child through their mental health challenges.

Women In The Workplace (Kendra Woods)

We will explore the theology of work to better understand that our work is valuable in and of itself. We will discuss habits and disciplines that are helpful as we juggle our responsibilities we have at work and at home.

Breaking Down the Pros, Cons, and Myths Surrounding America’s Favorite Fad Diets (Claire Ramage)

Eating healthy can seem hard, but cutting through the noise of diet culture is arguably much harder. In this workshop, I’ll be discussing 5-6 of the most popular diets in America, breaking down the pros and cons of each and equipping you with the tools needed to make your diet decisions based on science, not culture.

Not a Scary Evangelism Class (Meghan Roberts & Laken Waller)

Join us as we learn how to share our stories in such a way that we bring others closer to Christ! Don’t worry… this won’t be like a typical EV training. We hope you leave filled up and encouraged for what God is already doing in your life.

Biblical Joy (April Gauvain)

What is biblical joy and how does it compare to the world’s idea of joy? What does this joy look like in the life of a believer? How could I possibly have joy when life is so hard? These questions and more will be explored as we look to the Scriptures and discuss what biblical joy is all about.

Basket Making (Erin Day)

Come learn how to work with your hands by creating a basket. We will make a very simple raffia coil basket that is easy to do.

Photography With Your iPhone (Michelle Kranz)

We will discuss some simple tricks and hacks to help you capture meaningful moments and beautiful sights as well as enjoy your God-given creativity. These include the settings and mechanics of your equipment, how to develop an eye for the art, and the power of a quick edit.

A Capsule Wardrobe for ALL Four Seasons (Julie Penton)

This workshop will teach you how to build a basic capsule wardrobe of 10 items that transition through each season with the clever use of accessories, layers and other fun tricks. I’ll teach you how less clothing in your closet is truly more and budget friendly.

Introduction to Watercolor for Relaxation (Yvonne King)

Come explore watercolor painting as a leisure activity to help you live in the moment, experience creative flow, and bring some play into your life! You will receive watercolor paper and a brush as well as a 10 color beginner palette to use in class and then take home. No experience or skill required. (Maximum: 16 per class)

Clinging to the Word While Battling Postpartum Depression (Brooklyn Bowman)

Are you or someone you know battling postpartum depression? Join me on a walk through Scriptures that will remind us of our identity in Christ and our comfort in our great physician and wonderful counselor.

Cuban Cooking (Tami Gomez)

Learn to cook some of the classic Cuban staples: rice, black beans, pork, and sweet fried plantains. While we cook, we will learn a little about what makes food so special in God’s plan for our lives.

Personal Bible Study (Beury Derstine & Blaire Savage)

Join us as we discuss how personal bible study draws us into deeper relationship with the Lord and why it’s so important to our spiritual walk and growth. We will share practical study tips and resources you can incorporate no matter what your season of life.

Women Caring for Women Talks

Grieving with Hope (Liz Williams)


  • 10 Peaceful Practices — Stephanie Joyner spoke at See & Savor (Sept 25th) on Soul Care. This is an attachment of some helpful practices in soul care.

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