Grow in your ability to lead others in the Word of God, through teaching opportunities with feedback from experienced Bible teachers.

Jason Burgess

The 2Tim2.2 Bible Teaching Forum exists to help North Wake members get experience teaching and grow in their ability to teach as used by Paul (1 Timothy 3:22 Timothy 2:22:24). This includes:

  • Understanding scripture
  • Communicating scripture through clear monologue or in a discussion format
  • Applying it accurately to listeners’ lives and context
  • Correcting errors with gentleness to correct those who teach contrary to scripture
  • Being coachable, with a humble character
  • Determining if you enjoy leading others in the Word

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Benjamin Merkle

Ben Merkle

  • 3:00pm-5:00pm, Tuesday, February 20, 2024
  • Register to teach and get private coaching feedback
  • Noah Joyner will train on preparing to lead a Bible-based discussion

How do the 2Tim2.2 Bible Teaching Forums work?

The primary goal of the forum is to give you a chance to lead a group of people in the Word and to get feedback. At scheduled teaching forums, experienced teachers offer their time to listen and to give coaching feedback. Teachers who wish to get practice can register for a session, and the organizers will assign a Bible passage to be covered. At the forum, teachers will lead a group of listeners in the Word, either through a short lesson or through a group discussion running 10-20 minutes.

Stephanie Joyner and Carson Cobb

How do I learn how to teach?

The North Wake Church Ministry Intensive is offered annually and offers coaching and experience in leading Bible discussions.

In addition, at some 2Tim2.2 Bible Teaching Forums, we offer a specific lesson in teaching.

Once you have some introduction, through formal training or informal coaching, there are still many aspects you can only learn by practice – preparing, leading a discussion in the Word, and getting feedback. The Teaching Forum gives you a chance to teach with listeners.

How is teaching evaluated?

Lela McCall at Womens’ Day

We want teachers to get both practice and feedback. Experienced teachers including some from the North Wake Elders, provide coaching and feedback to encourage you to grow in teaching.

  1. Preparation: Teachers should develop a manuscript for teaching. Ideally, experienced teachers can give feedback on the plan.
  2. Evaluation & Coaching: During and after teaching, experienced teachers give feedback and coaching to help.

Evaluators can give personal feedback, or use a rubric like this one, the 2Tim2.2 Bible Teaching Rubric

What counts as “Teaching?”

The 2Tim2.2 Bible Teaching Forum is a place to practice explaining God’s word in a lesson or sermon format, or in a discussion format. You can lead the group in the Word in the structure you choose.


Discussion Group

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