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As our study of the gospel of Mark gets underway, here are some resources for you to aid you in your personal study of the Gospel of Mark:

Viewing & Listening

The Lumo Project has done a video telling of the gospel of Mark with the unabridged text of the book being the entirety of the narration. Very well done! My favorite video telling of the gospels! You can find it on Netflix or here:

The Dwell App has a variety of voices and background music selections to aid you in listening to the scriptures (we have a 60 day free trial for NWers! Here’s the link…

The Streetllights Bible features a reading of scripture by pastors and hip-hop artists with a beat! A really great way for a fresh listen to the Scriptures! has a lot of engaging audio Bibles for free! I often find the recording of the Message Bible to be a refreshing take on the passage I am studying!

General Overview Resources

Bible project – these guys are amazing! Super engaging videos and such, including the one Noah showed this past Sunday in his sermon.

St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in the UK – if you like listening to British people, here are some helpful resources including short videos on the Gospel of Mark.

Here is a really simple resource the folks at St. Helen’s produced to help you read Mark with a friend. It’s a simple template to use to read Mark with a neighbor or friend or family member who isn’t familiar with the Bible.


For thoughtful sermons for our day, Tim Keller is one of the most insightful.
Keller has turned his sermons into a book you can buy on Amazon:


This is one that is free online by one of my old profs:


The NIV Application Commentaries are very accessible and helpful for small group level study:

Another helpful non-technical commentary is by Alan Cole in the Tyndale series. Noah Joyner recommends this one:

For a more rigorous study, the Pillar series are consistently helpful. It is a good bit more technical (and expensive!) than the NIV series:


As always, the good folks at Precepts Bible Study have complied a comprehensive list of free online resources for the Gospel of Mark: