By Published On: April 14th, 2019Categories: Leader Blog, ResourcesComments Off on Holy Week Daily Devotionals

As we enter the last week of the season of Lent, I hope you will take a little extra time to reflect on the love of God for you in Christ as we follow in His steps each day of this last week leading up to the cross.

To help you in that, here are some options for daily devotionals for this last week (from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday).

Pastor Larry

  1. Holy Week Scripture Readings — This devotional gathers the relevant scriptures from each day of the week – guiding you to follow Jesus through the gospel accounts.
  2. Love to the Uttermost by John Piper — This devotional is selected mediations on the love of God in Christ.  They don’t connect to the passion week calendar.  You could read the scriptures from devotional #1 alongside this if you wanted to connect to the last week calendar.
  3. Holy Week Daily Podcast by David Platt of — (with text in case you would rather read it than listen).