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Read: Psalm 133

How providential that the week in which our new president was inaugurated with prolific calls for unity, we find ourselves studying Psalm 133, a psalm that speaks to the beauty and peace that is created by real Christian unity.  There is nothing like it.  It flows out from its source and it blesses everything downstream, nourishing and bringing life just like the dew that falls on Mount Hermon ends up watering the hills of Zion (Jerusalem).  

We wrote a song several years ago from this Psalm.  Listen to it here and read the lyrics as you listen.  End your time of preparation by praying that the Lord would give North Wake this kind of unity.

Psalm 133

Brothers, we are called to love our own
To let our lives be informed by the grace that we’ve been shown
To love because our Father loved us first
But we don’t live the love to which we’re called
The differences between us loom too high and oneness falls
A dying world looks on and writes us off

How good it is when brothers live
In unity, in love and peace

Broken bones from sticks and stones will heal
But the deeper hurts from careless words are the ones we’ll always feel
How can we say we know Him if we don’t love?

How good it is when brothers live
In unity, in love and peace

It is like the dew of Hermon that falls on Zion