By Published On: June 13th, 2020Categories: Leader Blog, ResourcesComments Off on Relationships Move at the Speed of Trust 

I sat in the worship center processing this sentence that Josh Reed had just uttered. “Relationships move at the speed of trust.” The more I mulled it over in my mind, the more it rang true. My deepest and longest lasting relationships are with people I trust the most. My most fragile and tepid relationships are with those I trust the least. When the world gets topsy-turvy and we need advice we can trust, where do we turn?

In a day and age where everyone’s voice is equally heard over the conduits of social media, filtering the voices we trust and those who are just screaming the loudest (in all caps) is exhausting. However, it is necessary if we are to “Engage” our culture and speak to the hurts of our friends. With that in mind, we are so blessed to have leadership at North Wake that desires to equip the church for this mission and that we can trust. Mark Liederbach, an elder here at North Wake, recorded a short 15 minute video on Racial Reconciliation six months ago. I pray his wisdom and Biblical moorings will help you love God and your neighbors right now.