By Published On: May 14th, 2021Categories: Leader Blog, ResourcesComments Off on Thirty Manifestations of Pride and Humility

Last week Larry mentioned that there was a “Craig’s List,” where I had developed a list of ways Pride could be displayed in a person’s life. It is true that I provided Larry a list, but this is not a list that I created. It is a list developed by Stuart Scott, in his book, The Exemplary Husband. Scott calls this list, Thirty Manifestations of Pride. He also provides Thirty Manifestations of Humility. Each of these lists have been useful to me, but particularly the Manifestations of Pride. Scott is surgical in his ability to cut directly to the heart with each example on the list. Once you read it, you will never think of Pride as some outlier behavior, or as just some overt display of gross hubris regarding your personal accomplishments but as a central player in the sin factory that is the human heart. I pray this list will convict our hearts, helping us to humbly posture ourselves before God and not as a god. 

Thirty Manifestations of Pride and Humility