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North Wake Church

This Sunday At North Wake

April 11, 2021

Two Services — 9am (Mask Required) and 11am (Mask Strongly Encouraged)
Livestream @ 11am

GUESTS are cordially invited. Please visit the Welcome Tent prior to the service. 

Meditation For Preparation

READ/LISTEN:  Colossians

God's Grand Purpose for the Universe

As you prepare for worship this week, try listening to the book of Colossians rather than reading through it.  That's right! You can listen to the entire book as it is read to you on the Bible Gateway website by following this link:  

You can also listen to it through the Dwell app. You can download and use it for free during North Wake's free trial.  Follow this link:
As you listen, note everything you hear about God's grand purpose for the world.