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As we begin this season of Lent together I’ll be posting some encouraging short articles on Lent and fasting daily this week to encourage you along the way!

Godspeed on your journey to the Cross!
Pastor Larry

Why Do Christians Fast? by John Piper
This is a helpful short interview with Pastor John Piper that gives an overview of fasting for Christians.

Lent is Here to Throw Us Off Again by Prof. David Taylor
this is a thoughtful devotional reflection on Lent.  I loved this thought from this article, “Lent is an invitation to get us outside of ourselves, so that we might get over ourselves and redirect our lives more wholly to God and to our neighbors.

10 Things You Should Now About Fasting by Sam Storms
As the title reveals, Pastor Storms lists 10 helpful insights on fasting during Lent.

Love in the Desert of Lent by Julie Canlis
Here’s another good devotional reflection on Lent. Here’s part of the quote I used in my sermon on 2/21/21, “That’s what Lent is all about. When we fast, give up social media, or relinquish other habits, we place ourselves in the wilderness. There in that barren space, we’re better able to hear the simplicity and power of the gospel message: We are loved by God and loved to the death. Only by staying grounded in this love does sin break its hold on us. Only by his affection do our temptations wither. And only through declaring ourselves beloved can we look ahead to what comes out of the desert—the resurrection of Christ, through whom all things are made new.”