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Happy Valentines Day Church! Today is a day that many of us will offer cards, flowers, chocolates or a host of other possible gifts to the ladies in our lives. This is a good reminder for us husbands and dads that it is good to treasure and acknowledge the precious gift that our wives and daughters are to us.

As a Counselor, I unfortunately see dads and husbands choosing to love themselves more than their families which makes Valentines Day a good time for us to take a step back and consider the ways we display love to them on the normal, not-so-eventful days of the year. After-all, flowers and candy can never satisfy the longing for authentic love from a father or husband.

Paul Tripp offers some surgical definitions that help me evaluate my own heart and whether I am reflecting the Heart of Christ to my Family or a Heart of Pride. I encourage you to read his definitions of Love below and ask, “Am I daily reflecting the Love of Christ to my Family?”.  If not, commitment to change is in order and that would be the best Valentine gift you could give those you love.

24 Things Love Is and Does

Craig Morrisette