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These are strange days we are living in. Fortunately, many Christians are putting out lots of helpful responses to and commentary on the coronavirus pandemic. Pastor and author John Piper has recently (and very quickly!) written a short book in response to the coronavirus pandemic and how our faith in Christ enables us to live both confidently and at peace during these strange days. He begins by laying a foundation for understanding the character of God in the midst of a pandemic such as the one we find ourselves in. He goes on in later chapters to offer several things that God might be doing through and as a result of the coronavirus. Below is a selection of quotes from the book:

“This book is my invitation for you to join me on the solid Rock, Jesus Christ. What that means will, I hope, become clear. My aim is to show why God in Christ is the Rock at this moment in history—in this pandemic of the coronavirus—and what it is like to stand on his mighty love.” (19)

“No man can comfort our souls in this pandemic the way God can. His comfort is unshakable. It is the comfort of a great, high Rock in the stormy sea. It comes from his word, the Bible.” (28)

“The coronavirus was sent, therefore, by God. This is not a season for sentimental views of God. It is a bitter season. And God ordained it. God governs it. He will end it. No part of it is outside his sway. Life and death are in his hand.” (42)

“…if we try to rescue God from his sovereignty over suffering, we sacrifice his sovereignty to turn all things for good.” (45)

“Nothing surprises him, confuses him, or baffles him. His infinite power rests in the hands of infinite holiness and righteousness and goodness—and wisdom. And all of that stands in the service of those who trust his Son, Jesus Christ. What God did in sending Jesus to die for sinners has everything to do with the coronavirus.” (46)

This pandemic has and will continue to raise questions about the character of God by both believers and nonbelievers. If you’re looking for a Christ-exalting and Bible-saturated resource to help you think through this pandemic or to help you engage your neighbors and friends, look no further! May your own faith be strengthened by it, and may it help equip you to love your neighbors by providing help and insight on how to engage their fears and questions.

The book is available for free in eBook or audiobook formats at

Ryan Wood