“Lent is a season of preparation and repentance during which we anticipate the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus. It is this very preparation and repentance – aimed at grasping the intense significance of the crucifixion – that gives us a deep and powerful longing for the resurrection, the joy of Easter.” – Will Walker

As we walk through this season of Lent together as a church family, I will be posting a simple daily prayer of confession for you to use as a prompt for your own prayers of confession.  The spiritual practice of daily confession of sin is a vital one for me.  I hope these daily posts can help you form a similar practice of forsaking sin and embracing Christ’s mercy that is far, far greater than our sins!

Day 35

Almighty God, as I enter Holy Week, I admit the depth of my distraction. Deep worship comes through deep reflection… but my soul is shallow. I am distracted and worried about many things. My soul lacks the peace and rest to meditate deeply on your cross. Thank you that you died for even this – your sacrifice covers even my weakness in pondering your sacrifice! By Your Spirit, increase my capacity for wonder, rest, and worship, as I set aside these moments to reflect on your Word. Through Jesus Christ, my Savior: Amen.

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Photo by Jamie Ginsberg on Unsplash