“Lent is a season of preparation and repentance during which we anticipate the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus. It is this very preparation and repentance – aimed at grasping the intense significance of the crucifixion – that gives us a deep and powerful longing for the resurrection, the joy of Easter.” – Will Walker

As we walk through this season of Lent together as a church family, I will be posting a simple daily prayer of confession for you to use as a prompt for your own prayers of confession.  The spiritual practice of daily confession of sin is a vital one for me.  I hope these daily posts can help you form a similar practice of forsaking sin and embracing Christ’s mercy that is far, far greater than our sins!

Day 40

Word of God Incarnate, you came to this world to accomplish salvation. By your grace you call us to repent, to be crucified with you, that we might be raised as new creations. But we confess that we often do not live as renewed people. We confess that often we often go with the crowd instead of stemming sin’s tide. Forgive us when we do not show evidence of renewal. Forgive us when we let the fruit of the Spirit be choked by the weeds of evil. You have made us your children, members of your kingdom. Help us to show evidence of that every day as we work to bring your justice, peace, gentleness, goodness, love, joy, and hope to all we meet. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

The Worship Sourcebook

Photo by Jamie Ginsberg on Unsplash