By Published On: April 8th, 2020Categories: Encouragement, Leader Blog, ResourcesComments Off on Good Friday Resource – “The Golgotha Experience”

Many of us stuck inside are missing normal patterns of life. This Easter season is missing, for some, up to three or more different church-related traditions alone. Larry found a great resource for you to use, potentially even with your whole family, on Good Friday.

Golgotha Music ( has some singer-songwriter music in a 1-hour continuous play video on their website. The accompanying book is a little long but could also be a good tool for your family. Pausing the video between songs with enough time to read the prayer and the scripture they provide could be a way for your family to remember and reflect on the death of Christ.

The book itself seems a touch long. I also have not read every word. So parents, if you’re planning to use it with your kids, please read ahead and approve the work for yourselves!

Just because we’re stuck inside does not mean our faith can be turned off like a faucet. Let it flow. Dig in. Find some way to personally or communally reflect on the great cost of your salvation. There had to be a death before there was a resurrection!

Take heart, family of Christ: his love, character, grace, and providence remain unchanged–and his glory only increases!