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The practice of confession brings up several practical questions such as “when should I confess only to God vs. confess to another Christian?” or “How specific should I be when confessing past sin”?  Here are five resources to encourage you in the discipline of confession as we embrace the joy, freedom, and fellowship with Christ that comes from “living in the light.”

  1. The Examen  — This brief outline provides you a framework to end your day in God’s presence. Use this (print it off, leave it beside your bed!) to build a daily habit of giving thanks, confessing sin, and receiving God’s love anew. 
  2. Disclose or Be Exposed  — This short article by Ed Welch provides a brief and powerful rationale for confessing sin.
  3. How Specific Should I Be in Confessing Sin?  — This is a short podcast episode from the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation. The discussion is in response to a listener’s question: “How detailed should a person be in confessing past sins? For instance, with the person you’re planning on dating or marrying, how specific should you be? Or, for past sins that don’t persist and don’t appear to have any residual consequences?”
  4. How Specific Should a Husband Be in Confessing Lust to His Wife?  — In this brief video, David Powlison discusses confessing lust in marriage with honesty and wisdom.
  5. How Important Is It to Confess My Sins to Someone Other Than God?  — Pastor John Piper answers this question (read the article or listen to the audio).

People who conceal their sins will not prosper,
But if they confess and turn from them,
they will receive mercy
 – Proverbs 28:13