By Published On: May 28th, 2020Categories: Encouragement, Leader Blog, ResourcesComments Off on Resources for Growing and Sowing

In keeping with the parables of the four soils, here’s a few resources to help our listening to (growing) and speaking (sowing) the word of Jesus. Several of these we have already shared, but if you haven’t utilized them, now’s your second chance!


  1. The Dwell App is still free for North Wakers! This is one way to literally listen to God’s Word and ‘soak it in’. I’ve been especially helped by listening to the Psalms before bedtime. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it!
  2. The Lumo Project is a film version of the Gospel of Mark containing an unabridged narration of Mark’s gospel. (They have actually done this with all four gospels). Very well done and a great way to ‘bring the text to life’.

Also available on Netflix!


  1. I was encouraged this week by a conversation between Taylor Turrington and Rebecca McLaughlin on engaging unbelievers in conversation about God. Worth a listen.
  2. Larry previously posted this excellent guide for reading the Gospel of Mark with an unbelieving friend.
  3. And here’s an article on “reading the Bible with non-Christian friends” with some good tips and insight on how to begin that process.