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READ: Philippians 4:10-13

Adapted from Every Moment Holy, by Douglas McKelvey.  p. 228-230.

CHRISTIAN:  I come to you, O Christ,
in dismay, fearing I might fail
in what is now before me.

if you would truly serve your Maker,
in whatever capacity or vacation,
is it not necessary for your own good,
and for the good of the kingdom of God,
that you would sometimes be met
with such fear and dismay?

CHRISTIAN:  But how could such a besetting fear ever
be for my good, or for the good of
God’s eternal kingdom?

FELLOW BELIEVER:  Under the Spirit’s tutelage, such fears
might become messengers of grace,
revealing to you only what was true all along:

in yourself you do not have the strength
or the wisdom or the ability
to accomplish the task
to which you are called.
Apart from the Spirit of God breathing life
into your incomplete and sin-tainted efforts,
apart from the Father blessing and 
your inadequate offerings,
apart form your Lord meeting you
in you stumbling attempts at faithfulness,
no good work will come to fruition,
no achievement will endure,
no lasting benefit will come of your labors.

And so you must come repeatedly
to the end of trust in your won strength,
child, that you might avail yourself
again and again of his strength.

CHRISTIAN:  Then let my fears of failure drive me,
O Lord, to collapse here upon your 
strong shoulders, and here to rest,
reminded again that I and all of your
children are always utterly dependent upon 
you to bring to completion, in and through
us, the good works which you have prepared
before hand for us to do.  It is not my own
work that is before me now, but yours!

FELLOW BELIEVER:  Indeed Christian, take heart in this revelation!
The outcomes of your labors were never in your 
hands, but in God’s.  You have but one task:
to be faithful.

The success of your endeavors is not yours to
judge.  He works in ways that you cannot comprehend.
And in his economy, there will be no waste.
Even what you judge as failure, God will
tool to greater purpose.

You can do all things through Christ, who gives you strength.