“Lent is a season of preparation and repentance during which we anticipate the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus. It is this very preparation and repentance – aimed at grasping the intense significance of the crucifixion – that gives us a deep and powerful longing for the resurrection, the joy of Easter.” – Will Walker

As we walk through this season of Lent together as a church family, I will be posting a simple daily prayer of confession for you to use as a prompt for your own prayers of confession.  The spiritual practice of daily confession of sin is a vital one for me.  I hope these daily posts can help you form a similar practice of forsaking sin and embracing Christ’s mercy that is far, far greater than our sins!

Day 8

Righteous God, in Christ you became sin for us. You took what we are so that we might become what you are. But we confess that often we ignore our sin. We confess that we too often do not confess. We keep silent about the sin that clings to us. But our sins are too great a burden for us. Forgive us. In Christ take away our iniquity. You are our stronghold, our hiding place. May we confess our sins, that we might then rejoice and be glad in you and in the righteousness that flows over us as a mighty stream of grace. In Christ, Amen. 

The Worship Source Book

Photo by Jamie Ginsberg on Unsplash